Gift Hole

Jesus Mary Anne Joseph is pleased to be a part of and co-curating Gift Hole, a month long mini mall of artist made goods at Party Hat Gallery! 

Party Hat invites you to join us for GIFT HOLE, an art-drenched mini mall brimming with wonder, delight, and the finest selection of artist made shit that doesn't immediately trigger existential dread or perpetuate the systematic malaise of big box stores and late stage capitalism! 

Join us Black Friday for a soft opening from 12-6 featuring affordable work and goods from:

Neon Salt Waaterr
Brandon Vosika
Cody Blanchard
Natalie Dupille
Leigh Zah Carroll
Lauren Grossman (Great Balls O Fire)
Bridget O'Brien-Smith (BLOBS)
Janelle Abbott (JRAT)
Mary Anne Carter (Jesus Mary Anne Joseph)
Sami Zamora
Clyde Petersen
Louise Croff Blake
Tara Thomas

And join us for our First Thursday opening event from 5-9 on Thursday, November 6th to browse the work of the above artists as well as new work from:

Immortal Perfumes
April Zhang
Addison Tyler Iwashita Suderman (Alligator Pear Goods)

Other important information: GIFT HOLE will open on Black Friday at NOON so you can SLEEP IN and then party with your friends ~while shopping~ or ~just hanging out and looking at incredible confections.~ We will hold regular gallery hours as well as an event in conjunction with Pioneer Square's First Thursday Art Walk on Thursday, December 7th from 5-9. 

On Thursday, December 21st, you are invited to join us for our inaugural HOLIDAY PARTY which will not only be another opportunity to view Gift Hole, but come together to celebrate Baby Party Hat's first few months as a real live art space!